About Anya


Anya grew up in Hawaii, Washington and Wisconsin. She served in the Army and was deployed to Iraq in 2004. She returned home and spent her time traveling. She then moved back to Washington and settled in the Anacortes area where she set her roots and eventually raised a beautiful family. Anya loves the Pacific NorSan Juan Islandsthwest and especially the Anacortes area. The islands have so much to offer. She enjoys gardening, sailing, snowboarding, mushroom hunting, and going on camping trips with her family in their VW van.

As the daughter of Jacki, she was raised around real estate mHappyost of her life and became well accustomed to the complicated process of property transfers. Her military service Pele boatingtaught her discipline, attention to detail, and having experienced it first hand, she especially understands the challenges military families go through. Anya decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and join her family as The Mayo Home Team. Anya enjoys serving her clients and helping them safely and confidently negotiate through tdsc_0128he complicated real estate process. She finds great gratitude in building relationships with home buyers and sellers and takes her job very seriously.

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