Professional Real Estate Agent in Anacortes, WA

Are you looking for a real estate agent in Anacortes, WA? No two buyers are the same and no two properties are the same. We feel that we’re matchmakers of sorts. When dealing with homes for sale or listing your property, we have always prided ourselves on matching the right real estate to the right individual. We work with first time homebuyers, vacation and second property owners, luxury homebuyers, new home buyers, and even those wanting to buy vacant land and build the home of their dreams. Our experience and knowledge has you covered!

We Can Help You Find Your Dream Home

When we first start working together, of course we are going to want to learn about the type of property that you’re looking for. This includes:

  • Areas or neighborhoods
  • Approximate square footage
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Garage size
  • Do you need a backyard
  • Budget range

If you haven’t met with a lender yet, we have a number of great lenders to refer, so please let us make that connection for you.

We will take the information you gave us about what you are searching for and input that into the MLS. This will sort through the listings that come on the market each day and send you viable candidates. We will also sort through these listings to help you find homes that might indeed suit your needs.

How We Interact With Our Clients

Relationships with our clients

Together we will determine the homes that you should see in-person. We’ll email you our intended route ahead of time. At our first live meeting, we’ll bring a packet of information for you, on buying a home in Washington State and Skagit and Island Counties, if that is where you are looking. Then we’ll also bring you information on the current real estate market in the area you are searching in. This will help you become informed regarding supply and demand so you are better-prepared and ready to employ strategy when it comes time to make an offer.

Once you have found a home you are ready to make an offer on, we will find out additional information on the property by way of county websites, plat maps, and supplementary materials. We’ll also find comparable properties that have sold in the last 90 days or so to determine a fair market price for the property to include in the offer. We even explain how we arrived at my comps so you are educated on the value of your potential home. How “hot” the market is will determine our strategy. If there are likely to be multiple offers, we will suggest a different strategy than we would if the property had been on the market for 60+ days without a price reduction. We’ll draft all the paperwork – there are usually between 20-30 pages to the offer. We will go through it together and once you are comfortable, you can sign and we will send it over to the listing agent.

Options For The Home Seller After Your Offer

The seller can choose to accept the offer as written, submit a counteroffer, or reject the offer completely. Hopefully the seller accepts the offer as written, but if it is countered, we will decide how to respond.

Accepts the Offer


Rejects the Offer


Once the property is under contract, there are a lot of dates and deadlines to keep track of. You may be overwhelmed. But not to worry! I will keep you on track. Your main job is to communicate with your lender and provide any documentation as soon as it is asked for. If you are securing a mortgage, you may be asked to provide documents up until closing, so never assume you are done until the property change has recorded. I will help set up the home inspection and will be present, communicate with title and escrow companies, make sure the appraisal is on schedule, and will help you through everything else on the way to the closing table. Never be afraid to ask a question even if you have bought and sold a number of properties. Rules, laws, and forms change all the time and I expect you will have questions.

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