Thinking About A Retirement Location

You may have heard the motto and tag line that when it comes to purchasing real estate, the three most important factors are location, location, and location. This is very much true if you are buying a home or other property, and the same can be said when you are thinking about a retirement location.

Where do you see yourself living as you grow older? At the beach? In the mountains? A farm? In your current house? Have you considered moving on an island and living the rest of your life in pure joy and contentment? And why not?

A lot of people are dreaming and wanting very badly to just leave everything behind and move to an island or a coastal community where they can enjoy amazing weathers, inspiring sunrise and beautiful sunsets, and all the other perks that comes with having a property near the beach. The best part of retiring here is the unlimited view of gorgeous landscapes.

In Washington State, there are several options you can have for an island retirement. Fidalgo Island and Guemes Island have some of the most thriving island community. Part of the Anacortes community, this is a exemplary small town America with great schools, relatively low crime rate and very friendly neighborhood. A combination of small-town life with big-city accessibility, Anacortes is a wonderful place to raise a family or enjoy a very comfortable retirement while also relishing a relaxed and rewarding lifestyle in a beautiful setting.

Housing here is available in a wide array of price points, starting from beginner homes to elegant residential properties that can worth over $1 million. Property taxes here are very moderate and the local sales tax is just 8.2%. Fidalgo Island is known for its more than fifty miles of forested trails, perfect for running, hiking, and biking. The island is overlooked by Mt. Erie, with four lakes, and magnificent, picturesque views of the sound. 

A lot of people who want to retire on an island are looking for a simpler and more straightforward life away from the hustle bustle and stress of big cities. An island retirement home also makes you closer to nature. The way of life is slower in islands and it is more relaxed and less stressed.


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